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Loving this look and #texture right now. Strong shapes with soft interior texture. Brightened her ends and lifted to a midtone at her root with #balayage. #jbhairdresser #jbaratx #hairpainting #bob #waves #beachwaves #unite #boingcurlcreme

#AmericanWave on the lovely Lauren Sposetta. Great body, beach wave. Gentle on the hair and lasts longer than you expect! #jb_hairdresser #arrojo #beachwaves #hair #austinhairdresser #austin

Holy crap...you did something great

What happens when Kickstarter emails FRICKbits out as one of the 'Projects We Love'? You all made something possible that makes no sense in the regular world...

This is a very talented client of mine, Laurie Frick. Check out how she is revolutionizing our identity into art. really cool stuff you guys! Her app FRICKbits will be in the app store in October. CHECK THIS OUT!!!

I received this message from one of my favorite clients ever. @susiebrister you are auch a delight to work with and always so inspiring! Thank you! "Jean! Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome haircut again! I feel like a total badass and for the first time in awhile am loving looking at myself in the mirror. Josh also can't shut up about how great my hair looks. You are incredible and you make me look so good! xo" -Susie Brister

The beautiful @juliebaldwin! Thanks for being a model for me. I tought this class last month at @waterstoneasthetics. Quadrant cutting with over direction and layering to create optimal movement!

Kelly wears her hair so well. We experimented with her texture to shake up this haircut with another styling option. So fun! Color by @emilyclay #pathsalon @pathsalon #jbaraxt #shorthair

I did a photoshoot with some amazing people today with Willie Nelson's old tour bus. What am epic experience! More to come.....

That cute trending long razor bob. Crafty layering tailored to the hair' sown texture. #ilovemyjob #pathsalon The lovely Emily.

American Wave is happening! Come down to Path Salon and get some texture in those locks! #americanwave #pathsalon #arrojo