In a world focused on the destination, outcome, or just tomorrow, I enjoy the process of ideation, the discipline of learning and the journey to creation along with the ultimate result. Since I made the decision to become a stylist in my late teens I have never looked back. This path has allowed me to create the vision for a future that inspires.

The highest results emerge where skill, education, vision and passion unite. Continuously learning my craft has always been a priority and I have had the privilege of generous instruction from industry icons, including Vivienne Mackinder, Trevor Sorbie, Antoinette Beenders, and David Adams.

Absorbing the unconscious competence of these masters allowed me to achieve my highest level of artistic expression. It is through the thorough understanding of the tactile, technical, chemical, and even scientific aspects of being a stylist that I thrive.

My desire to create a better future does not stop with my clients. I became an educator and worked with Vidal-Sassoon, Aveda, and Bumble and Bumble. Through sharing I realized that I could help others create the foundation for consistent highest-level results and a better future. I also discovered the privilege that drives the most passionate educators: we gain knowledge as students and develop expertise as teachers.

My artistic canvas is a person--I am conscious of the privilege we are given as stylists. We have the opportunity to change someone’s day, or even change the trajectory of an entire year. The power to impact how someone feels about themselves and how others perceive them raises the stakes and also the reward. I co-create a clear outcome with every client, and once it is understood, I create my art. Even when a client’s view and mine are not fully aligned, I find fulfillment in playing within their boundaries while executing at the highest level and working in my distinctive style. It is through this process that I have built a passionate following of long-term clients. My peers tell me they can recognize one of my clients from across a room because their look is finished, complete, and it fits.

The next stage of my career will find me making a higher level of contribution to others and to myself. Creating a new and better future through educating and sharing what I have been so fortunate to learn with others and then seeing the art and affect multiply is incredibly motivating. I want to share with others the opportunity we have earned, the impact we have on the lives of the people we touch, and the empathy and skill that when combined leave a lasting, if not indelible, impression.

I'm ready, are you?